Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cruise Kittens

I'm feeling a bit overworked, and dreaming of lazy holidays of the sort that I normally don't even like (you know, sitting on lounge chairs by the beach or pool, while someone brings you drinks. Usually I prefer to be out and about seeing stuff on holiday!) so when Colour Collective came up with 'Battery Charged Blue' for their prompt, I decided to do something with a holiday vibe. I went with the Mediterranean rather than South East Asia, for the very simple reason that I didn't feel like drawing tricky palm trees.

Any colour with a name like 'Battery Charged Blue' needs the zing of a contrasting colour, so I kept my palette very limited, with marmalade cats and terracotta roofs, and kept the saturation high. I've never actually been to the Mediterranean, but the photos always have gloriously saturated colours. 

This took 2 hours, tops. And as usual, I did it in Adobe Photoshop CC2017 on a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. Apart from the clouds, the whole thing was done using Kyle Webster's 'Gouache Extra Dry' brush (the clouds were a watercolour brush).

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Shakespearean Kitty

"The breaking of so great a thing should make a greater crack."

A quick little piece for Colour Collective - for the 'Old Lace' prompt. Obviously this really required a detailed treatment of an Elizabethan ruff.... but I required not to spend too long on it. So this is what we have. 

The quote is from Anthony and Cleopatra, and I have no idea what it's referring to, never having read that play. I just searched for a quote that would work with the image. My knowledge of Shakespeare is patchy. I'm good on the tragedies, from highschool, and from proof-reading my friend Makenzi's various theses, from Bachelors all the way up to PhD. And I'm good on a few comedies, because I like the comedies. But histories.... nope. I got nothin'.   

Adobe Photoshop CC2017 on a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2.
A couple of hours. I was not having a good drawing day. Sometimes you get a day like that!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gosnells Writers Circle Self-Publishing Expo 2017

This year I was again invited to take part in the Gosnells Writers Circle Self Publishing Expo. (I also attended it last year and in 2015) It's very nice of them, as I don't live in Gosnells and I'm not a member of the circle - but I have done several projects with members. This year I was tabling with my lovely author, Sioban Timmer - we have done two books together so far. Toughen Up, Princess and Feral Fergus.

Here's my set-up. I made sure to bring along a lot of different things to sell, as you never know what people will decide to buy. I had my banner up behind me, and an iPad running a slideshow of illustrations and timelapse videos of me working.

Here is the full table. Sioban (who is organiser for the Expo as well) wasn't at her seat when these photos were kindly taken by Jane Hilton, and I didn't call her over because she hates having her photo taken.

I took a little video of my side of the table to post to my Instagram Story:

Part of my task is to advise anyone who is looking to self-publish and needs an illustrator (quite a low number this year, unless I look too terrifying to approach. I don't, do I??) but I also bring along things to sell, especially things that might make good gifts. 

Last year there were a lot of kids at the Expo, so this year I made lots of stickers and magnets, small items with small price points (last year my bookmarks went well). However, this year the Expo was in a different venue, and less people came in off the street, so the only two kids were there to receive awards for their writing. So that backfired a little. I sold a couple of magnets and one sticker pack, but the single stickers remained entirely unloved. I like them, I think I will start sticking them around my desk. =P

(all the stickers were handmade, printed out on matte paper, Modge-Podged, stuck to double-sided adhesive paper and cut out.)

As usual, I was offering cards and my Literary Romance Colouring Book (Buy it here! Perfect for the literature-lover in your life), and I also had six Expo Special slots open for discounted watercolour and pet portraits, but the price point was still too high for the venue, really. But it's good to offer these things on the off-chance. And in a way, it's fortunate, because I'm horrendously busy this coming month!) I had a couple of pieces of handmade jewellery, and this year I also made felted baubles. I sold a few of those, so I don't have photos of all of them: 

Several of my beaded ones went, along with a mouse and a koala in Christmas hats. 


I think the blue beaded one is my favourite...

The baubles were felted in the washing machine, with balls of leftover wool scraps from my mother's hoard inside, and then I embellished them with needle felting and beads.

All in all, it was a good morning! We had two interesting guest speakers, teaching us how to write in technicolour instead of monochrome (Lee Battersby), and how to stay inspired no matter what (Karen McDermott from Serenity Press). The Gosnells Writers Circle was also launching it's Bi-Annual Anthology. Lots going on! Thanks for having me, Gosnells Writers Circle!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

After several days of not drawing at all, being sick, I couldn't miss Colour Collective's 'Deep Saffron' prompt. I picked something very quick and very easy, of course, let's not bite off more than we can chew when unwell. But it was fun to do. I played with Photoshop's new symmetry drawing tool to speed up the pumpkin a bit, and also downloaded some more of Kyle Webster's watercolour brushes and played with them too. Gotta get some fun out of the extortionate fee I pay for Creative Cloud!!

We don't do much for Halloween in Australia, but you can't be in the kitdlitart social media circles and ignore it. And really, what is the point of Jack-o-Lanterns if we cannot fill them with kitties?

Adobe Photoshop CC2018 on a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. About two hours, in a desultory fashion.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

So much for the diet...

Really, really quick Colour Collective for the 'Vert Pré' prompt:

When life hands you green, draw caterpillars!

Adobe Photoshop CC2017 on a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. Under an hour.

Inktober 2017: Week 3

I'm afraid I fell off the Inktober bandwagon after week 3 this year: I caught a cold, got a sinus infection and discovered that I had two impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed (and let me tell you, sinus infection and impacted wisdom teeth is not a good combo. I wouldn't wish that on anyone!). I was really sick for several days (and now I am still in pain and my productivity is suffering) so I gave up on completing Inktober. I gave it a good shot and got all the way to Day 21.

I started out the week with no very clear idea about what I was going to be doing, so I did a vaguely 20s-inspired witch, but she doesn't look very 20s...

I also made a sped-up video of this, testing out the old camcorder that I suddenly remembered we had. Unfortunately it's way too old to actually have a timelapse function, so I sped it up in Adobe Premiere Pro:

Then I did a sketchy little piece revisiting my little witch with the goose:

After that I switched to drawing my dog, Myrna. She's always a good subject:

Day 17:

More below the cut:

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Please let me in...

...It's wet out here!

Continuing my theme of quick-cat-because-I-don't-have-time-for-a-Colour-Collective-but-I'm-doing-one-anyway pics. And I'm branching out - this cat is not black!

The colour was 'timberwolf' this time around.

I really love how much expression you can get into two white circles with dots in!

This was very quick, about 1.5 hours, in Photoshop CC2017 on a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2


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